Start small

We have more ideas than we know what to do with at present: We know what we want to do, we just need more hands and heads to do them all!

Many people have been asking how they can get involved in our work, so we’ve decided to put up this list. If you are keen on seeing this project as it develops and want to contribute to it in any way, big or small, fill in this form or email us at Big ones and little ones can all do something! Looking forward to hearing from ya!

// Small tasks; ad-hoc //

Scribes/note-takers. Ad-hoc, whenever we go on a garden visit where we will ask questions and conduct informal interviews with the gardeners/farmers.)

Connector. Support the formation of new links between growers and chefs! Meet a grower/farmer, collect their produce and bring it to the destination you’ll get to meet the home/chefs working with this fresh produce.

Simple video recording and/or editing. For archival and documentation of the gardens and gardening/farming practices when we conduct our visits

Graphic illustration. Create a logo for Foodscape Collective.

// What you get in exchange for volunteering with us? //

You’d get to interact with like-minded people in the grow your own food movement, get to learn a new skill, and get on board a collaborative cause pushing for open, independent knowledge spaces!


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