I want more

We have more ideas than we know what to do with at present: We know what we want to do, we just need more hands and heads to do them all!

Many people have been asking how they can get involved in our work, so we’ve decided to put up this list. If you are keen on seeing this project as it develops and want to contribute to it in any way, big or small, fill in this form or email us at foodscapecollective@gmail.com. Big ones and little ones can all do something! Looking forward to hearing from ya!

Looks like too much? Try some smaller tasks.

// Bigger tasks; some continuity //

We need people who want to volunteer their skills in:

Website design and creation. Help us in setting up a wiki microsite (we are looking at MediaWiki) and linking it to our current site.

Data geek. We need someone with some expertise/experience in working with open-source databases, who can give pointers on the data formats we should offer on the website, and suggest improvements to our platform to make it more readily available and accessible to public use.

Events. Help with coordination of events, posting on Facebook and our Google Calendar. We’ll usually liaise directly with the gardeners and handle all programming, so we just need help making sure things go up online so people know about them! If you want to help with programming though, just say so 🙂

Maps. We’ve gotten some preliminary data, and we want to visualise what we already have, and improve our data collection questions to deliver more information about gardens in Singapore. Help with creating map visuals, having some GIS skills in ARCGis, ARCGis Online, Google Maps, or BEST YET: JOSM and OpenStreetMaps would be important in helping us translate the raw data we have gathered into useful information for people. Cuifen and Huiying have some experience with different software for maps, but we’d love to have someone join us who either wants to gain experience, wants to mess around with data, or has an idea for something s/he wants to explore with us relating to gardens, the people and economies associated with gardens, land use, rivers, soil etc.

Data, research leg-work. Supporting the basics of research (cleaning data, transcribing, translating data into machine-readable or software-readable formats) You won’t be doing this alone!

// What you get in exchange for volunteering with us? //

You’d get to interact with like-minded people in the grow your own food movement, get to learn a new skill, and get on board a collaborative cause pushing for open, independent knowledge spaces!