Internet of Microbes: Krautsourcing Food Sharing Ideas

100 questions about food
part of
Internet of Microbes: Krautsourcing Food Sharing Ideas
with Marketa Dolejsova and Monika Iwonka
29 July 2017

Our Food Sharing Map, made at the end of the session – check it out editable map

More on the session has been written about by Monika on Sharecities, now away in Switzerland for her next phase of fieldwork~ 

Nutritional food deserts, community gardens, public fruit spaces. I’m interested in identifying the way food circulates through the city, its bottlenecks and areas where surplus gathers. Everyone has some experience of seeing food wasted, or where there’s too little of it. Sets up a basis for conceptualizing the infrastructure of the food system, addressing, and a beginning set of questions. We think about a few examples to get things going – e.g. gardens, supermarket opening and closing times, parks, squares.

Focus: built infrastructure and digital infrastructure.

Food Story Map

In our last outing at the Open Farm Community social market, we asked many of you to add a pin to our offline map. A few of you also shared a bit on your motivations for going to the market, and what you would like to tell our local farmers.

It’s a bit delayed, but here’s a simple story map on the market visitors, made using online tools:

Map from Open Farm Community Social Market

Help us make this a better map!  Tell us what other layers you want to see in a story map like this. If you were one of the people at the market, share with us your photos, videos and perhaps a short memory or two, and we will help you add them into our story map.