the collective

March 2015

Two Singaporeans shared excitedly about this sense of a growing movement of Singaporeans growing food in their own homes. Ideas converged, and they decided to share a Google form to ask people in a urban farming FB group, “where do you grow food, what do you grow and why?” The crowd-sourced map had 120+ inputs in just 4 days, and the 2 ladies went on to give a mapping talk.

Things gained momentum from there. There were excitement not just from growers, but also chefs, data scientists, the ordinary person in the street… As ideas took shape, 2 others came on board. After much discussion, we decided to call our initiative “Foodscape Collective”.


Because while we started off with an interest to know where the urban food growers are, what they do and why, we realised we had the same curiousity on other parts of our foodscape. As Singaporeans, we say we know our food but do we really? Do we ask where the vegetables, eggs, chicken etc in our meals come from? Do we know what happens to excess food? Or how can we help bring food to where it’s needed?

the team of 4
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Dec 2016

Foodscape Collective is almost 2 years now. The community around the core team has been growing, and we are taking steps to engage people who are ready to do more or explore collaborations. We are also taking more deliberate actions as we pin-point our longer term vision.

Some ideas that we are exploring:

– Connectors
– Farmers Market
– Resource Hubs
– Story-telling via maps, videos
– Workshops
– Community seed banks
– Singapore’s very own foodscape Wiki