Walking Workshops 1-4: Exploring urban nature

25 Feb – 18 March 2017

Can Farming be done in the City?

Amidst all the free-floating interest in urban farming and the possibilities of growing our own food, we take a walk around neighbourhoods far and near to talk to the people who tend to gardens. Can Farming be done in the City? What sorts of nature can we find or create in our home, public or shared spaces?

The first round of Walking Workshops has concluded. Please sign up for our newsletter or Like our Facebook page to look out for the next round, or write to us if you are interested in coming on one.

Maximum 15 participants 

–        Explore your perceptions of / preferences for urban nature

–        Understand the types of urban nature found in our city

–        Ask better questions (metacognitive skill)

–        Get to meet other participants and gardeners who’re asking the same questions you are!


Put together with the support of the NUS Office of Environmental Sustainability


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